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Jacobs/Gibb Ltd – Abu Dhabi


Jacobs / Gibb Ltd – Abu Dhabi

Date: 2004
Location: Abu Dhabi
Value: Confidential
Client: The British School Al Khubairiat
Category: Education
Designer: Associated Architects – Birmingham – UK
Project Management – Jacobs / Gibb Ltd
Project Manager (Client-Side): Barry Walsh

As the leader in educational provision within the British expatriate society in Abu Dhabi, the Board of Governors responded to the demand for post primary British curriculum education by building the flagship secondary school alongside the original primary buildings in 2005. More recently in 2012, the School was proud to open a superb new primary facility for our youngest children as well as providing additional state-of-the-art classroom and whole school co-curricular facilities.

The School has undergone dramatic and extensive redevelopment in the last decade both to modernise its facilities and to meet the changing requirements of Abu Dhabi. The whole school now holds approximately 1,900 students. The phases of development have been entirely financed by the School itself, reflecting our principle as a not-for-profit organisation that re-invests all of its income back into the school for the benefit of the students.

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